For most large companies this point mostly means “our corporation”
and very little relates to what makes the company: the employees.

In the world of agencies it is vastly different from other industries. From the outside we are the rock stars of the working world, always working, we gladly live in the office and we are always reachable after hours. In short – boredom is an unknown word to us. Because being a rock star is so individual, we would like to give you a small insight into our world.

So that you as customer know in whom you are placing your trust:

  • In our company we have both Dortmund and Schalke 04 supporters (like Liverpool and Manchester United) – and they work hand-in-hand. It will work with customers for Bavaria (i.e. Chelsea).
  • We are neither greens nor coffee junkies – we have both tee and espresso drinkers. Many actually drink both…
  • We are furthermore very family friendly, we have three dads and two mums with six kids all together, as well as two dogs and a goldfish.
  • In our company we do not just have graphics designers, web designers, developers and marketing specialists, but also sports scientists and there are historians. Lateral thinkers are better than conformists.
  • We travel to work with trains, busses and cars, and on good days even bicycles (So apparently a bit green sometimes).
  • We have a foosball table, and not only as decoration.
  • iOS, Android, blah blah – one employee actually has a mobile with buttons and polyphonic ringtone.
  • We always have sweets available – but we also have a fruit bowl!
  • We have BBQs on the balcony on occasion and eat vegan, but REALLY on rare occasions we eat vegan.
  • One thing we all have in common is we love to laugh often and a lot – even about ourselves.

A better feel for us can only be had when you simply call us or, even better, come past our offices for an appointment.