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We need people who tick like us: People who are curious and always look toward the future, people who recognise trends as well as set them. If you want to create digital worlds for our customers, then do not wait!


There is nothing good unless you do it yourself. Nobody knows this, as well as we do. As a freelancer you are successful and continuously want more. You would like to make all your talents available to our projects, because your greatest success is our satisfied customers. Interested?

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Working Student

Who dares, wins, and with us there is a load to be won. You gather experience and get the chance to earn your first spurs. We encourage and challenge you – you commit yourself and show us what you have. When we fit together, this could be the start of a wonderful connection. Interested?

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One Year Internship

Trying is better than studying. What is so bad about trying one before the other? Would you like to use your one year internship to solidify your career choice or is an internship a prerequisite for your design studies? We offer you the opportunity to try this out, as well as agency life. And who knows, maybe it turns into a student job. Interested?

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What we need from you is a covering letter convincing us that your heart burns for digital media, a résumé showing us your career so far and if on hand samples of your work, for example concepts, presentations, lay-outs, texts or testimonials you have.

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