How do the best ideas come to light? This is our plan for creating digital media.

The creation of digital media requires a high level of planning and networking. We find inspiration for really good ideas in a structured work approach and a procedural approach – four phases for your success.


There is no magic formula in the creation of digital media. Each project is new, different and unique.

Acquire Knowledge

Next we concentrate on getting to know your company, to analyse markets and competitors, speaking to experts and questioning target groups. Thus we create a complete picture of your company regarding the communications task.


We also understand the creation of digital media specifically as a strategic task. We always have this target in mind.

Develop Visions

We develop our ideas and concepts in collaborative processes. Sustainable communication solutions are created through experience, intuition and creativity. Our customers value our know-how and our experts, as well as the trustworthy cooperation at eye-level.


On the basis of our strategic considerations the digital media starts taking shape during this first operational phase. Now is the hour for our interactive designers, developers, copywriters.

Designing Digital Media

Web sites and Apps emerge in networked processes, because during the development stage design, content and technology are inseparable. New impulses are continuously added from each discipline which strengthen and complete the product.


From design to implementation is supposedly a small step, but the production processes for digital media are far more complex than with analogue media.

Going Live:

The performance and reliability of our solution stands at the fore during this phase. We guide and control all necessary development steps right up to going live – and beyond. The reason being that digital media is never really „finished“: Service and support are all part of our package, in terms of both content management and further technical developments.